Name/Title: Physical Education Folder

Purpose of Event: To communicate with the classroom teacher along with keeping records of class recess activity and recess equipment.

Suggested Grade Level: 2-5

Materials Needed: Pocket folders

Description of Idea

At the beginning of a new school year, students learn and review physical education rules and procedures. Each 2nd through 5th grade class chooses two responsible students to be PE Class Managers. The responsibilities of PE Managers are to:

• Bring PE folder to each class
• Keep track of recess equipment
• Inventory equipment at the end of each grading period
• Maintain equipment in good condition
• Attend PE managers meeting with PE teacher
• Facilitate PE/classroom teacher communication
• Assist with various tasks as needed

The PE folder, a simple folder with 2 inside pockets, gets completed during class dismissal. The class name and PE readiness reminders (wear sneakers, record recess laps, use bathroom, wash hands) are on the front of the folder. On the back of the folder is a table with a row for each PE lesson and the following columns (the table changes each grading period):

• Objectives of the day
• Mark for promptness of class arrival – helps classes to arrive on time
• Recess laps ran/walked since last class – helps motivates classes to participate and increase effort
• PE preparedness (sneakers, clothing) – Record names of students who come unprepared
• Notes to classroom teacher –student injury; bathroom usage etc
• Daily class points earned

On the inside of the folder, in one pocket you will find the recess equipment record. Inventory needs to be done at the end of each grading period.

The other inside pocket holds a class roster to record how many laps students ran walked during the recess. Different class challenges can be created by encouraging students to travel through their home state, the USA, Europe, or any place they are studying in social studies. This year, classes were challenged to get to the Super Bowl (561 miles from our town) first. I kept record of the miles traveled and placed special ribbons on the cafeteria wall, 1 ribbon for every 50 miles walked or run.

In order to check the records and to see if my I PE Managers are doing their job, I meet 3-4 times a year and reward those who are doing a great job (foam football, coupon for frozen yogurt, etc).

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Submitted by Bo Mielczak who teaches at Stallings Elementary in Stallings, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/25/2014.
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