Name/Title: Wall Spots and Body Parts

Purpose of Event: Learning body parts, and acquisition and refinement of locomotion motor skills.

Prerequisites: The ability to move body through space appropriately in group setting and follow 2-step directions.

Suggested Grade Level: PRE-K

Materials Needed: Laminated paper spots, enough for at least one per student, tape, and music source.

Description of Idea

Tape paper spots on walls around the room at students' waist level and below, varying heights.

Explain to students that when the music is playing they will be moving around the room in a specific way (hopping on two feet, skipping, galloping, hopping on one foot, walking, etc.).

When the music stops, the teacher will call out a body part (elbow, knee, finger, back, foot, etc.) at which time they are to go to a spot and touch that body part to a spot.

Have the students come back in and talk about how well they did and then start again.


The activity can easily be adapted for any special event:

hearts for Valentines Day
snowmen for winter
turkeys for Thanksgiving, etc.

To add a literacy component, beginning readers may benefit from holding signs with the written word body part as it is being spoken. A sensory component may be added also by making the spots different materials and textures. Say "feet" and see who can problem solve by laying supine and putting feet up on wall spots.

Assessment Ideas:

Visual: Are students able to correctly identify body parts. Are students able to perform age-appropriate locomotion skills (galloping, hopping on one foot, etc.)

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Children with cognitive disabilities are encouraged to simply touch a spot.

Wheelchair bound children may need the same accommodation secondary to reaching requirements and/or paralysis.

Hearing impaired children may benefit from being shown a picture of the body part (preferably the part is shown in isolation, not as part of the whole body so as to offer a challenge)

Submitted by Dorothy Clopton who teaches at Christ Lutheran in Overland Park, KS. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/2/2014.
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