Name/Title: Spring Egg Hunt

Purpose of Event: To help have students explore pathways [Curved, Straight, and Zig-Zagged].

Suggested Grade Level: K-1

Materials Needed: 20 Cones, 15 Plastic Eggs [with alphabet letters written on paper inside of egg], 15 jump ropes

Description of Idea

Cones will be randomly spread around the gym [or field]. Under 15 cones there will be an egg and a jump rope wrapped around the outside of the cone. Inside the egg there will be a piece of paper with a letter of the alphabet written on it.

The students will be in pairs and on the signal, the students [in pairs] will travel around the cones in a chosen pathway. When the stop signal is given the students will 'search' for an egg under a cone. When they find a cone with an egg they will open the egg and make the letter with the jump rope on the ground.

The teacher should circulate around and ask the students what various pathways their letter has. The teacher will tell the students to 'pack' up their egg and rope. Then the start signal will be given and the students will travel in a different pathway from before around the space. When the stop signal is given the students will find a new cone [with an egg and rope] to explore.

Submitted by Jennifer  Hvozdovic. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/24/2001.
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