Name/Title: Golf Chipping Contest

Purpose of Event: To learn and practice the skill of golf chipping with wedges.

Prerequisites: Students should be taught the basics of chipping and be allowed to practice. This can be done pre-lesson or earlier in the current lesson.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed: Hula Hoop, large cone with hole in top, tennis or wiffle balls, pitching wedges, wooden dowell and throwing scarf.

Description of Idea

Note: Please be aware of safety during this lesson. Make sure all is clear when kids are chipping and after they switch places. Make sure kids do not pick up until everyone is done chipping.

Set Up: Place the hula hoop in the middle of a larger cricled area. Place the large cone in the center the hoop with the dowell sticking out of the top. Tie the scarf to the dowell to resemble a golf flag. Place wedges at different distances in a big cirlce around the hoop. Make sure there is enough space between the wedges so that students do not hit each other while chipping. Place 4 tennis or wiffle balls with each wedge and assign a student (or pair) of students to each wedge. (I had ten wedges with a pair of students at each, covered 20 kids).

On the teacher's signal, one student at each wedge will chip each ball toward the hoop with the goal of getting it to STAY in the hoop. The students try this 4 times. When everyone is done they place the wedges down at their spot and retrieve the 4 balls. Then their partner tries. After each student has gone, they rotate around clockwise to the next wedge. This allows them to practice chipping from different distances.


Record closest to the pin, record distance from pin, or scoresheet that shows who was successful.

Teaching Suggestions:

I have some sort of small prize for the kids who successfully chip a ball into the hoop. Out of 12 class periods, I have anywhere from 20-50 kids who do this. Ball must stop while in hoop to win.

Encourage kids to practice their chipping at home.

Submitted by Allen Adeimy who teaches at Ellerbe Middle School in Ellerbe, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/17/2013.
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