Name/Title: Stress Balloon Baggage

Purpose of Event: To identify which stresses are preventable and which are manageable.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: large trash bag, balloons, pencil and paper

Description of Idea

Have students each write down one of their stressors on a piece of paper and then fold it up. Have students place their stressor inside of a balloon and then blow up and tie the balloon. Go around the room and collect the stress balloons in a large trash bag. Once all balloons are collected, have a volunteer from the class come to the front of the room. Using masking tape, attach the trash bag to the waist of the student. Then, ask student to tie his or her shoes. Explain how it is difficult to function with a lot of stressors in our way.

Explain that the first step to managing stress is recognizing the symptoms. Brainstorm with students a list of signs and symptoms that students may experience when they are in a stressful situation (sweating, crying, headaches, etc.). Explain that stress can be good or bad, but either way stress still elicits the same signs and symptoms. Explain that stress can also be categorized as manageable and preventable. Ask for some examples of stressors that can be managed (homework, chores, etc.). Ask students to brainstorm ways to prevent these causes of stress (do homework on time, organize, plan, don't procrastinate, etc.).

Assessment Ideas:

As a class, make lists of signs and symptoms of stress. As a class, make a list of stressors that can be managed and how to prevent those causes of stress.

Submitted by Rachel Best in Wilmington, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/17/2013.
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