Name/Title: Oogedy Boogedy Tag

Purpose of Event: To provide a fun way for students to practice their chasing, fleeing, dodging, and tagging skills.

Prerequisites: Students should have had prior successful practice in moving safely through general space without running into anyone, as well as an introduction to the different skills for chasing, fleeing, and dodging (i.e., change pathways quickly to avoid a tagger; twist to avoid a tag; etc.).

Suggested Grade Level: 1-2

Materials Needed: Approximately four medium-sized gator or foam balls for tagging.

Description of Idea

First explain what an "oogedy boogedy" is: it when you shake your whole body while saying "oogedy boogedy". Practice it with the group a few times! Then explain the rules of the tag game as follows, and proceed to play.

Pick three or four students to be "it"; these students hold the gator-skin ball. On your "go" signal the game begins. The taggers then proceed to tag as many students as possible. If a student gets tagged, he or she goes to the center of the gym and does three "oogedy boogedies".

After a short duration, have the students with the ball hand it to another student who has not had it already. Make sure everyone knows who are the new "its", and begin play again!

Assessment Ideas:

Informally observe to see if students are able to safely move through general space. If collisions are occurring, you know students are not ready to play tag-type games yet, and must continue practicing how to move safely through open space.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Allow students who are not readily mobile stay in one place; students move around him/her while trying not to get tagged.

Submitted by Eric Wickham who teaches at Chaparral Elementary School in Meridian, ID. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/22/2002.
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