Name/Title: STD Web

Purpose of Event: To give the students a first hand opportunity of seeing that when they are sexually active they are at risk of becoming infected with any type of STD. The only positive solution is NOT to engage in sexual activities.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed: Rubber Gloves, 3X5 note cards enough for each member of class

Description of Idea

Each student in class is given a 3X5 note card. On one of the note cards is a small red dot placed in a corner. Before the class begins, privately ask one student to intentionally not participate in the activity and stay seated in his/her desk throughout. Give another student the rubber gloves and ask him or her to wear the gloves throughout the entire activity.

The activity starts after the teacher hands out the cards and explains that each student must get four other students to sign their names on his or her card. The students put a "1" by the first person to sign, a "2" by the second person to sign, a "3" by the third person to sign, and a "4" by the fourth person to sign.

After each student has four signatures, ask everyone to sit down. The only person who did not get any signatures is the one who intentionally did not participate.

The instructor now tells the students to look for a red dot on their 3X5 cards. Once that person is identified (make sure that the two students who the instructor asks to participate differently do not receive the dotted card) write that person's name on the board. Ask that person to tell you the name of the first person who signed his or her card. Write that person's name on the board with a line connecting to the name of the person with the red dot. Do this with all four people on the individual's 3X5 card.

Next, ask the first person who signed the red dotted card to tell the name of the person who was the 2nd person on his or her card. Write down that person's name and connect the names with a line. Continue connecting lines and names until all possible connections to the red dot have been made.

If the name of the person with the gloves on his or her hand is mentioned in association with the red dotted card do not write that person's name down on the board. This person was practicing safe sex by wearing a condom. (Emphasize the point here that a condom is still not 100% effective at avoiding an STD. Discuss possible things that could go wrong when a person uses a condom.)

At the end the board looks like a spider web with many names connecting to different lines. The class quickly becomes aware that if you have multiple sexual partners, you not only have sex with that person but with everyone else that person has had sex with and whomever those people had sex with and so on . . .

The instructor then brings up to the front of the class the student that refused to participate in the activity. This person abstained from having sex. This person has a 100% guarantee that he or she will not be affected by any type of STD or risk the chance of becoming pregnant since this person abstained from having sex.

Assessment Ideas:

Ask students how they felt as the web grew larger and larger and they found out these were all related to a disease that is passed from person to person through sexual intercourse.

Discuss with students some things that may go wrong with improper use of a condom.

Submitted by Rob  Graner who teaches at Etowah High School in Woodstock , GA . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/27/2000.
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