Name/Title: Hawaiian Field Day

Purpose of Event: To promote fun and healthy activities based around a Hawaiian theme, while celebrating a wonderful school year.

Suggested Grade Level: all

Materials Needed: See individual stations.

Description of Idea

Diamond Head Hike
Materials: Water bottle, back pack, camera (cardboard or toy)

Object: Students start at the bottom of the hill. On the signal, they race up the hill with their backpack water bottle, and camera around their neck-circle the flag and return to the bottom, passing off their water bottle, camera and backpack to the next person in line.

Less Children: Allow students to run up and around with a pack, timing them or just a few against each other.

Clean Ocean
Materials: Blue Tarp (ocean), trash picker uppers, cones, trash (cans, wrappers, paper wads) 4 Trash Cans or bags (or 5 gallon buckets)

Object: Students form a line behind a cone. The first person in each line starts with a ‘trash picker upper.” They run to the tarp (ocean) full of trash, pick up a piece of trash and bring it back to their trash bag or can, then pass their ‘trash picker-upper’ to the next person in line.

Less Children: You may time the students or allow them to run down and back against one or two other players without the relay component.

Musical Beach Towels
Materials: 8-10 Beach towels, Music and Player (battery operated, or iPod)

Object: Use one less beach towel than players. When the music is playing, all players walk in a circle around the towels, when the music stops, each player needs to attempt to sit on a towel. The player who misses the towel gets to help with the music, and another towel is removed, until there is one players standing.

Ring of Fire Toss
Materials: Several cones, giant Frisbee disks, spray paint

Object: Cones are arranged in a ring, at varying distances. Students stand behind the designated line, (spray paint) and take turns attempting to toss the Frisbee around the cones. You may assign values to the cones based on distance or simply allow students to attempt to ring the cones.

Turtle Bay Toss
Materials: blue tarp (Turtle Bay) with holes, bean bag turtles (and/or other misc. turtle objects), spray paint

Object: Students take turns attempting to toss the various turtles through the holes of the tarp from a designated line (spray paint). The tarp will be laid down on the ground as if it’s water.

Re-lei Relay
Materials: Several plastic leis, cones to mark start and finish line.

Object: Players from teams behind each cone. On the signal, the first player runs down and picks up one lei and places it around their neck, then runs back and places it around their cone, without using their hands. (younger students may use hands) When the lei is on the cone the next player runs down and grabs a lei and repeats until all the leis are used up. The team who has collected the most leis wins.

Hula Hoop Toss
Materials: Hula Hoops, Ideas for items to use as targets are: beach pail, flip flops, beach ball, tiki, large shell, pineapple, folded beach towel, beach chair. Spray paint or cone to designate throwing line

Object: - Place items around the playing field. From a specific spot players take turns tossing a hula hoop around the different items. You can give 1 point for items close by and raise the points the farther away from the toss spot. The first player to 10 wins! It is not necessary to have a winner or award points.

Luau BBQ Relay
Materials: cardboard steaks, spatulas (wooden paddles), cones to designate starting point

Object: - Students form teams and stand behind the line. The first player on each team starts with a paddle (spatula) and a steak. Their job is to balance the steak on their spatula all the way down to the cone and back without it falling or without using hands. They pass their spatula and steak to the next player and continue until they are finished. The first team to finish wins.

Less Children: Have students race against each other if there are not enough to form relay teams.

Coconut Relay
Materials: 4-6 Coconuts (nerf soccer balls, or plastic coconuts)

Object: - Students find a partner and stand behind the line. The first two carry the coconut down and back without their hands and pass to the next two in line. You may have students use their foreheads, back to back, hip to hip, etc. The first team to complete the challenge wins.

Less Children: Have 2 students race against 2 other students if there are not enough to form relay teams.

Beach Ball Blast
Materials: Parachute, mini beach balls, hula hoop target

Object: Gather as many students as you can around the parachute. Be sure students are holding on with two hands.
Have students:

Materials: Limbo Set, Stereo, Extension Cord, Limbo Music

Object: Students form a line and attempt to walk under the limbo pole one at a time while bending back, without touching the pole. After each person has attempted a level, move it down a level and all remaining participants go through at the next level.

Shark Attack Sack Race
Materials: Gunny Sacks, Cones, Shark Hats,

Object: Students will participate in a relay race. Each participating student lines up at a cone and put the shark hat on their head. At the signal participants hop down in their sack, around the far cone and back, hand off their hat and sack and the next person goes.

Ocean Waves
Materials: Parachute, rubber fish, sharks, pool for target etc.

Object: Gather as many students as you can around the parachute. Be sure students are holding with two hands.
Have students:

Oahu Obstacle Course
Materials: water hoses, hula hoops, stands, large boxes, tunnels, foam noodles, flippers, stopwatch,

Object: Students take turns running, crawling, etc. through the obstacle course. Two students may go at one time and race, or you may use the stopwatch to time students as they go through the course.

Submitted by Sara Paulson who teaches at W.L. Bowman Elementary in Anchorage, AK. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/31/2013.
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