Name/Title: Kicking Cricket

Purpose of Event: To practice kicking a rolling ball using your shoelaces.

Suggested Grade Level: 2-3

Materials Needed: A soft round ball and two cones per pair or group.

Description of Idea

This activity allows the teacher to really emphasize the use of the shoelaces so the kids kick the ball up in the air.

Throughout the entire lesson I am focused on whether or not the kicking students are using their shoelaces to contact the ball. My feedback is "nice shoelaces" or "make sure you use your shoelaces".

The students are with partners or small groups (up to 4). Each group has one ball and two cones. The cones are set up at a distance that are safe so the roller is not in danger of getting hit by the ball. You can have the students choose the distance apart and if you think they are too close then ask them to move them apart. If they are in pairs, one student is the roller and the other is the kicker and kicks from the other cone.

The roller rolls the ball to the other student, the kicker. The kicker kicks the ball as far as they can contacting the ball with their shoelaces, from behind the cone they are close to. As soon as they kick the ball they start moving between the cones using a locomotor skill of their choice (sliding, hopping, leaping, etc.--there is NO RUNNING). The roller must move (have them use locomotor skills like galloping, sliding, etc. and stay away from running) to get the ball and run it back to the cone they rolled it from. The kicker/runner counts how many times they run around the cones.

The students then switch from kicker to roller and roller to kicker. If in groups of 4, I have one kicker and one roller on the same team and the remaining people are on a team together and they must run the ball back to the cone together. Each person gets a chance kicking and the teams switch.

Assessment Ideas:

Ask the children at the end of class what part of the foot they should contact the ball to make it go far and in the air.

Teaching Suggestions:

Have the children choose the type of soft ball they want to kick and I would not use a kickball or a soccer ball. If they are not successful with one type of ball ask them to choose another like a beach ball.

Submitted by Justin Parnell in Elk Grove, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/7/2013.
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