Name/Title: Behavior Self-Check Posters for Physical Education

Purpose of Event: To help keep kids on track in terms of their behavior in physical education.

Prerequisites: Class discussions about what good behavior looks like is really helpful. Teach them the posters and what they mean.

Suggested Grade Level: K-6

Materials Needed: 3 Behavior Self-Check Posters (only available for sale in PE Central Store-Purchase Now and Free Reflection Sheet to give to kids.

Description of Idea

As a means to better manage students in physical education, I have created 3 posters to be used as visuals in my classes. As we know, the management of students in physical education is very different than the way in which teachers manage students in the classroom. A new strategy that I am putting into place within my classes is the use of behavior self-management visuals that can be used as a non-intrusive first means of intervention when dealing with questionable student behavior.

When a student or group of students are showing signs of getting off track, I simply go up to them and point to whichever poster is most fitting at that particular moment. In my opinion, simply telling them to reflect on the question which is located at the bottom of each poster is enough as a first means of behavior management intervention. No direct words or discussions are needed at this point and it allows the student a first chance to reflect on their behavior and make good choices. I must say that this strategy has worked well and I plan on continuing to use it as it's non-threatening in nature and, in most cases, is enough to get students back on track.

As you can see in the posters, each one has a specific purpose. The first one reminds students that their behavior may be negatively affecting their own learning. The second one implies that their behavior may be affecting the learning taking place around them and the third one asks them to reflect on whether or not they understand the expectations of a task or activity. If they do not, they need to ask for help.

When this initial approach does not work and a student continues to misbehave, a great second step that reinforces the main message of the posters, is to have them sit out and do a written reflection. This written reflection, in general, provides the student with the opportunity to better reflect on their behavior and to write down what they need to improve. They are allowed to use words, pictures and/or sentences when doing this reflection (a great modification for ESL learners).

Not only does the written reflection give them the needed time to reflect, it serves as documentation for the teacher to file away if need be. In most cases, the first means of intervention as described above works well, but if it doesn't, the second step, written refection, handles the behavior management issue nicely and is still a non-intrusive means to help the student get back on track.

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Behavior Self Check Poster #1

Behavior Self Check Poster #2

Behavior Self Check Poster #3

behavior self check poster

Submitted by Andy Vasily who teaches at Nanjing International School in Nanjing, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/5/2016.
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