Name/Title: Up and Under

Purpose of Event: Students will improve their ability to accurately pass and trap a soccer ball.

Prerequisites: Students should already have had introduction to and a large amount of successful practice in trapping and kicking with control.

Suggested Grade Level: 4-5

Materials Needed: Two soccer balls and one cone for each group of four students.

Description of Idea

Introduce the activity for the day's lesson, noting that they will need to use very accurate passes and correct traps if the activity is to work well. Pick four students to demonstrate as a group as you "talk" them through the activity, and have them move into the following formation: The first person in the line walks across from their group to the other end of the area (gym, outside area, etc...) and stand there. The second person in line moves to the middle of the area. The third person in line stands in front of the second person and the fourth student stands in front of the cone.

The two children on the ends should have a soccer ball and are called "Passer 1" and "Passer 2". Student number two, in the middle, is called the "Guinea pig" and should crouch down in leapfrog formation. Student number three is the "Jumper". The Jumper stands behind the Guinea pig.

On the teacher's whistle, the Jumper leapfrogs the Guinea pig. After the leapfrog, the Guinea pig stands up and makes a wide shape with their legs, and Passer 1 then passes the ball to the Jumper, who traps the ball and passes it back to Passer 1. The Jumper then turns around and crawls under the Guinea pig's legs.

After the Jumper has crawled under their partner's legs, they trap the ball that Passer 2 has kicked to them and pass it back. The Jumper then starts over with leaping over the Guinea pig, collecting and kicking the ball from Passer 1, and crawling under the Guinea pig.

Tell students they should first get three passes from each passer, and then rotate (have the group show how it is done). The Jumper becomes the Guinea pig, the Guinea pig becomes Passer 1 and Passer 1 becomes Passer 2.

Once the demonstration is complete and students are ready to play, have them get into groups of four (you choose, or let them; groups should have similar skill ability). After a period of time, you can then give jumpers a goal of traps and kicks that they should be able to reach in one minute, to make it more challenging. As you observe, be sure to give feedback on how well students are passing and trapping.

Assessment Ideas:

Assess students on their ability to accurately pass and trap the ball. The group can also be assessed according to their ability to cooperate, help each other, and use positive talk.

Teaching Suggestions:

Have the inclusive child work with a "hero" student.

Use soccer balls that are slightly flat so that they do not travel as fast.

Submitted by Shawn  O'Brien. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/6/2001.
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