Name/Title: Trick or Treat

Purpose of Event: Students will enjoy a Halloween-themed activity while practicing the locomotor skills of run, skip, jump, gallop, dance, and walk (like a zombie.)

Prerequisites: Students have been taught the locomotor skills.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: Flashlights, cones, bean bags and Halloween music.

Description of Idea

Set up:
The gym is darkened to facilitate the use of flashlights. Cones are set up at one end of the gym to represent the trick or treat houses. A pile of beanbags is next to each house. Depending on the size of the class, there should be two cones for every group of three students. One student will start out sitting between two cones, handing out treats (beanbags) while the other two take turns going to the house for treats.

Tell students that you will be calling out different Halloween characters, and on the signal, they will enact that costume with a corresponding locomotor skill: Cowboy - gallop, Rabbit - jump, Ballerina - dance, Speed Racer - run, Scarecrow - skip, and Zombie - walk. Before the game begins, one beanbag should be placed under one of the two cones at each house. The trick-or-treaters for each house will take turns using the flashlight to go to the house, and will have to try to guess which cone has the treat under it. If they guess correctly, they get to take the treat back with them. If they guess incorrectly, they are "tricked" and go back empty-handed. The flashlight is used as a baton, so upon return, the flashlight is handed to the partner to take a turn. The "house" continues to put beanbags under the cones until the lights come on and the music stops. Rotate positions so the student who is handing out the treats has a turn being the trick-or-treater. Have students count the number of beanbags collected after each round, to see if they had better luck guessing as the game continued. This is also good counting practice!

Assessment Ideas:

Use a motor checklist to assess the level of each skill performed: rudimentary, functional, or mature.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

If a student uses a wheelchair, the cones can be set up on a bench or table, so they can be reached.

Submitted by Janet Chenoweth who teaches at Walsh Elementary in Walsh, CO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/29/2013.
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