Name/Title: Performing Locomotor skills with the Christmas Macarena (December 2012)

Purpose of Event: To challenge children to perform the hand movements of the Macarena while executing various locomotor skills as called out by the teacher.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Recommended music: Christmas Macarena from the Radio Disney Holiday Jams CD

Beginning dance formation: The dance is performed in a scatter formation. (Caution the members of the class to remember to respect other classmates' personal space.)

Description of Idea

Step #1

If the students have learned the Macarena quickly review the following steps:

Counts/Hand movements:
1 & R hand out with palm down
2 & L hand out with palm down
3 & R hand out with palm up
4 & L hand out with palm up
5 & R hand crosses chest and touches L shoulder
6 & L hand crosses chest and touches R shoulder
7 & R hand is placed behind R ear
8 & L hand is placed behind L ear
1 &. R hand crosses front of body and touches L pelvic bone
2 & L hand crosses front of body and touches R pelvic bone
3 & R hand is placed on back of R hip
4 & L hand is placed on back of L hip
5-8 Wiggle, wiggle. Clap on 8

After these steps have been reviewed ask the class to walk one step with each hand movement.

Then ask them to walk backwards with each movement.

The members of the class can jump with each movement, hop on the R or L leg, slide or leap with each movement. It is sometimes a challenge to skip or gallop and stay with the rhythm of the song and continue to do the correct hand movements.

Teachers can call out the next locomotor skill to use during the "wiggle" counts.

Assessment Ideas:

Assessment can be based on knowledge of locomotor movements, i.e.:
1. Do students know how to execute the locomotor skill that is called out?
2. Do they know the difference between a jump and a hop or a skip and a gallop?
3. Also, through observation can the students execute the routine, perform the locomotor skill and stay with the rhythm of the song?

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Children with cognitive disabilities can perform the first eight counts of the arm movements portion more slowly -- taking 16 counts to finish, then wiggle and clap.

Students in wheelchairs can do the arm movements one time through and then the next time through use different techniques to push their chair: (1) short, choppy movements for jumps, (2) forward or backward pushes, (3) use only R or L arm when hops are called, etc.

Submitted by Brenda Goodwin who teaches at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/6/2012.
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