Name/Title: Funky Cowboy (February 2013)

Purpose of Event: Offer a dance for K-2 students that also could provide children an opportunity to choreograph dance steps during a section.

Prerequisites: Ability to perform basic non-locomotor movements, grapevine or step-together-step.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: Students could use scarves for "Lasso step".

Recommended music: Artist: Ronnie McDowell Album: Country Dances. Available on Itunes

Beginning dance formation: Scatter or line

Description of Idea

Ct 1 Reach right arm forward
Ct 2 Reach left arm forward
Cts 3-4 Clap hands two times
Cts 5-6 Brush hands over each hip backwards and forwards—2cts
Cts 7-8 Clap 2 times
Cts 9-16 Grapevine or step-together-step-touch 4 cts to right and 4 cts to the left. If space is limited students can march 8 cts.
Also for these 8 cts students could perform their own movements thus allowing them a chance to create their own choreography.
Cts 17-20 “Funky Cowboy” – rock knees in and out--toward each other and apart.
Arms can cross each other on the knees, or circle and cross each other in front of chest.
Cts 21-24 “Funky Chicken” - rock knees in and out--toward each other and apart. Hook thumbs under arm-pits and flap elbows up and down
Cts 25-32 "Lasso" - pivot for 8 cts (pivot in own self circle with one arm over head pretending to lasso)
Repeat the entire dance.


Grapevine section variations: Step touch, quick slides to right and left; some children have done cartwheels for the 4 cts or performed a 4 ct turn.

Assessment Ideas:

The children can choreograph different moves to perform during the grapevine section.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

This dance was originally choreographed for my classes when I was an adapted physical education teacher. Depending on the students' movement abilities, we added scarves, ribbons and instruments to enhance their movements.
For children in wheelchairs, holding ribbons or scarves or even tying the scarf to their wrist was beneficial.
The entire dance can be performed sitting on the floor. During the grapevine we slapped the floor to the right 4 cts and then the left 4cts. To perform the "Funky Chicken" we tapped our knees and for the "Funky Cowboy" we flapped our arms; the "Lasso" step was performed by circling our arms overhead for the 8cts followed by a big "yee haw".

Submitted by susan flynn who teaches at College of Charleston in Charleston, SC. Additional authors for this idea were Mindy Barnhart. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/5/2013.
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