Name/Title: PE Rules

Purpose of Event: To put forth a number of ideas of rules that can be posted so children know the rules of the PE classroom.

Suggested Grade Level: K-12

Description of Idea

The following are rules that physical educators have submitted to PE Central. PE Central does not endorse or suggest using any of these rules in your classroom. They are put forth so other teachers can see what others are using and therefore it may be helpful to use some of these ideas in your own classroom. It is best to formulate your own rules and consequences based on your expectations, students, and situation. We sincerely appreciate those who have submitted their ideas

Click here for a long list of PE Rules

Chittick Champion Physical Education Class Rules

Excellent PE Rules and Consequences from One Teacher (PDF)

Submitted by Mark Manross. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/8/2014.
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