Name/Title: 33 Zone Frisbee

Purpose of Event: Alternate form of Ultimate Frisbee to get the whole class engaged during the game.

Prerequisites: Students have practiced throwing and catching a Frisbee. Students have played Ultimate Frisbee.

Suggested Grade Level: 10 -12

Materials Needed: - 3-5 Frisbees
- Cones to mark off zone and scoring areas
- 2 different colors of jerseys

Description of Idea

33 Zone Frisbee is a form of Ultimate Frisbee played with 3 zones with 3 Frisbees. There will be two teams of 15 students on each field. The teams will be divided so that five players on each team are in each of the zones. There is a defense zone, middle zone, and an offense zone for each team. The field is 55 yards long making each zone 15 yards with two 5 yard scoring zones. To score the teams must catch the Frisbee in the 5 yard scoring zones. The same rules of not being able to move when they have the Frisbee and only having 10 seconds to throw the Frisbee still apply. The defense must also be at least two yards away from the thrower. If the Frisbee hits the ground it is a turnover at the spot where the Frisbee touched the ground. If the Frisbee is caught in the scoring zone by the offense and they score, the defensive team starts play toward their goal line at the offensive goal line. The players on offense of each team keep track of how many goals they have scored.


The teacher may add more Frisbees as the game goes on.

Submitted by Kyle McMillen in Waunakee, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/18/2012.
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