Name/Title: Going Green in the Gym

Purpose of Event: To work together to collect equipment worth different point values and total up the sum at the end of the round using cooperative skills.

Prerequisites: Students should know basic addition to add up the points. Moving safely on a scooter. Communication and team work in order to collect the most equipment.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: 1 Scooter per student, 25 Yarn Balls, 20 Rubber Ducks, 15 Rubber Chickens, 4 Garbage Cans, 4 Different Color Pinnies (each student wears one), 4 Pieces of Paper (to complete math), 4 Pencils, OPTIONAL: Poster displaying point values for the piece of equipment.

Description of Idea

With the recent discussion about "going green" and creating a cleaner environment, this activity teaches students many concepts such as recycling, movement skills on a scooter, and teamwork.

Prior to students entering the gym, place 4 garbage cans around the outside of the perimeter with a piece of paper and pencil. To make it clear, attach one of the colored pinnies to each garbage can showing that it belongs to that team. For example, the students wearing blue pinnies will know to place their equipment into their garbage can because it will have a blue pinny attached to it.

Explain to the students the importance of recycling and cleaning up trash if they come across it.

Students will be split up into 4 teams using the colored pinnies (blue, yellow, red, and green). Each student will receive a scooter and must remain seated throughout the activity. This is a great time to reiterate scooter safety and appropriate behavior while utilizing the scooter. The instructor will spread out the equipment (yarn balls, rubber ducks, and rubber chickens) around the gym away from the teams garbage cans. Students will work quickly and cooperatively to collect as many pieces of equipment they can during the time given and have it in their garbage can when time expires. Students may only pick up one piece of equipment at a time. The instructor must inform the students that the different pieces of equipment have point values.

Yarn Ball = 1 pt.
Rubber Duck = 2 pts.
Rubber Chicken = 3 pts.

At the end of each round, students will work together to add up the total number of points they have collected by cleaning up the trash on the gym floor.

Example: Red Team collected 5 yarn balls (1+1+1+1+1), 3 rubber ducks (2+2+2), and 2 rubber chickens (3+3) for a total of 17 points.


Instead of using yarn balls, rubber ducks, and rubber chickens, include actual recyclable items and/or pictures of recyclable items. For example, plastic water bottles and scratch paper could be used without any more concern about germs than using yarn balls and rubber chickens. Laminated pictures of recyclable items could be used where germs may be a concern.

Assessment Ideas:

Check their addition, team work strategies, and cooperation.

Teaching Suggestions:

Assign specific areas or movement patterns to avoid scooter "traffic jams."

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Wheelchair students can remain in their wheelchair to participate in this activity because all students will be on scooters.

Submitted by Chris Katzman who teaches at East Windsor Regional School District in Robbinsville, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/4/2012.
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