Name/Title: Fitness Santa

Purpose of Event: The purpose of this fun and informal assessment activity was for the kids to draw Santa taking part in activities that they think would help him keep fit.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: Paper and things to write or draw with.

Time Needed to Complete: To be completed during class time.

Description of Idea

This assessment was done during a unit enttitled "Keep healthy by keeping fit". Before the Christmas holidays I had the kids do this and posted them on a wall entitled "Merry Fitness to All!". Enjoy the pictures the kids drew as they had a good time with this.

Fitness Santa Drawing Example

Submitted by Marina Bonello who teaches at San Andrea School in Zebbiegh, Mgarr, Malta, Europe, . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/30/2014.
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