Name/Title: Cardiovascular Fitness Homework

Purpose of Event: The purpose of the activities it to get the students moving outside of school and to teach them about Cardiovascular fitness exercises and why they are so important. With these assignments we are also attempting to get the community involved as well.

Prerequisites: None

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed: Stopwatch and the following homework assignments

Cardio Graph Worksheet
Target Heart Rate
Types of Cardiovascular Workouts
What is a Cardiovascular Exercise
Why Cardio
Benefits of a Cardiovascular Workout

Description of Idea

These fitness homeworks are meant for the students to take home and complete. These assignments are designed to ensure the students are exercising outside of school. These assignment are focused on the Cardiovascualur fitness component to improves their overall fitness levels.

This is a homework assignment that gives students a focus on the Cardiovascular health related topic with questions about that reading. Along with the reading the students must complete a 30 minute workout. If they get a family member to complete the workout with them they get extra credit. This is done to attempt to get the community involved in fitness as well.

These homeworks are graded out of 10 points and are designed to help the student who are in need of extra help outside of school.

Submitted by Kyle Krupa Krupa who teaches at Mattawoman Middle School in La Plata, MD. Additional authors for this idea were Tyler Miller & Joe Shelatz. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/28/2012.
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