Name/Title: Scooter Monopoly

Academic content: Math- Use of Money

Purpose of Event: To improve fitness, promote safety and to help students practice using money.

Prerequisites: Safe driving on scooters, understand different road signs, practice different skills used as vacation spots, and introduce students to using money.

Suggested Grade Level: 1-2

Materials Needed: Scooters, Cones, Jump Ropes, Pool Noodles, Play Money, Buckets, Traffic Signs, Scooter Paddles (you can use foam polo sticks), mats, parachutes The scooter monopoly course and vacation spots can be changed to anything you want. Scooter Monopoly Sheet

Physical activity: Scooter Safety, Fitness

Description of Idea

How to Play Scooter Monopoly:

1. Set up a circular obstacle course that students can complete while they are traveling on scooters. I listed the different obstacles below that I used, but you can adjust them to your gym.

2. Place different traffic lights at the beginning of each obstacle for the students to follow. Students must obey the traffic signals and demonstrate safe driving on the course. If a student breaks any rules then he or she must pay a $2.00 traffic ticket.

3. Set a distinct start and finish to the obstacle course because each time the students go around it once they receive a play dollar. The concept is that they can repeatedly do the course over and over without getting off of their scooters.

4. On the outside or in the middle of the circular course create different vacation sports that the students can use their play dollars. In our gym I used the rock wall, rope swing, team walkers, balance boards and mini golf. You can use almost anything, such as bowling, ring toss, ddr, etc.

5. Students are allowed to stop at vacation spots during their trips around the obstacle course. There should be a bucket at each vacation spot where the students pay their play dollars. They drive their scooters to the vacation spot and park them in a safe designated spot (on the stage stairs, against the wall). I set a limit for how long or how many attempts students get at the vacations. Once that turn is over they get on the course at the obstacle closest to the vacation spot.

Scooter Monopoly Diagram

These are descriptions of the obstacles i used in my diagram:

The students start at the mat and jump rope maze. I took some of my gymnastics mats, stacked them and spread them out to form a maze. On top of the mats i placed jump ropes connected to cones. I put pieces of cardboard against the jump ropes so that the students couldn't see ahead in the maze.

They then move on to the cone zigzag, I spread cones out and had the students go in and out between the cones.

The next station I had jump ropes connected to cones and the students had to under the ropes on their stomachs.

They then move onto the snake track. I used dome cones to make a track that curves (like the letter S). Next is the tunnel crossing. I took cones and attached pool noodles to form an archway for the students to go under. Finally the students arrive at river crossing. They must paddle their scooters (i used pillo polo sticks) across the imaginary river.

That completed one trip around, and the students would receive on play dollar and start the course again.

Vacation Spot Descriptions:

1. Appalachian Mountain Climb- Climb across the rock wall.
2. Amazon Rain Forest Rope Swing- Swing from one mat to another using a climbing rope. I gave the students two attempts at this.
3. Mini Golf- three putts using the putting green.
4. Beach Vacation- Sit on the stage stairs for rest and/or use the balance boards to pretend you are surfing.
5. Nascar Vacation- Set up a small course where students can race head to head
6. Skiing Vacation- use the team walkers


Can change the monetary values of the vacation spots, have students work in pairs, or keep track of their budget.

Larger Scooters, Alternate Pathways, Smaller Coins

Assessment Ideas:

Have students keep track of their spending or take a small quiz at the end.

Submitted by Jeff Wascavage who teaches at Hegins-Hubley Elementary in Valley View, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/12/2012.
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