Name/Title: Invade and Conquer- Football Lead Up Activity

Purpose of Event: To maximize the students opportunity to practice the skills and strategies used in football in a fun way.

Prerequisites: Practice the cues for throwing, catching, kicking, and punting.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Equipment- cones or lines to separate sides, 3-5 footballs per team (a different color for each team if possible), 3-5 hula hoops per team, flag football belts for everyone if you want, a homemade field goal (I use noodles and cones) and pinnies.

Description of Idea

This game is very similar to capture the flag, except that you are trying to bring a football to the other teams side instead of taking their flag.

The class is divided into two different teams, each with their own side of the court/field. The purpose of this game is to cross into your opponent’s territory and put a football in their hoop. Student may run with the ball or pass the ball to another teammate. Once the hoop has a ball in it that spot is conquered and it can't be removed (each hoop is worth 7 points). I would have 3-5 hoops on each side. If you get tagged while on the other team's side you are frozen and must pass your football back to your side. Someone on your team must cross to the other team’s side and tag you to unfreeze you.

I allow the students to pass the ball when they are on the other team's side. However, if the other team gets control of the ball they must all go back to their original side where they will receive the ball back.

For Safety - I also set up a small safe zone on the other team's side. If a player gets there successfully they can try for a field goal by punting or using a kicking tee. (the field goal post is made using cones and noodles). Field Goals are 3 points and that particular ball always stays in that area (each side has one ball already on their side for the field goal zone). It is best to locate this area away from the main playing area for safety reasons.

It is a fun skills game for football that gets everyone involved. It requires a lot of running and teamwork. It teaches students offense and defense.

You can modify the activity and give each hoop a set place value. So by conquering that hoop they received that point value. If you have a lot of footballs teams can put more than one football in each hoop.

Assessment Ideas:

Team Playbooks, Critical Cues Checklist, Journal Entries

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

You can use soft or nerf footballs instead of the standard footballs, add some closer hula hoops to each side, and add a few special pinnies that means that player can't be tagged (this can be passed around between all players).

Submitted by Jeff Wascavage who teaches at Hegins-Hubley Elementary in Valley View, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/24/2012.
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