Name/Title: Yoga Ball Bash

Purpose of Event: To perform a 48 count circle dance continuously while using equipment.


Prior practice performing with rhythm sticks
Prior practice performing line or circle dances
Prior knowledge of an 8 count and how to create an original 8 count movement.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed:

2 rhythms sticks per student
1 stability ball per student
1 or more aerobic step risers per student. If risers are not available 5 gallon buckets may be used.

Recommended music: Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling

Beginning dance formation: One large circle with students spaced far enough apart to travel around their own stability ball.

Dance source: The idea for this dance came from looking at the website http;//

Description of Idea

Yoga Ball Bash 48 count dance

Step 1 Center Tap-8 counts- Tap center of the ball simultaneoulsy with both stick than tap sticks together in front of chest(repeat four times to equal 8 counts)

Step 2 Double Hit-8 counts- Tap right side of ball 2x's with sticks simultaneously than left side of ball 2x's with sticks simultaneously(repeat twice to equal 8 counts)

Step 3 Low Overhead-8 counts- Tap both sides of ball simultneously then tap sticks overhead; resembles a jumping jack (repeat 4 times to equal 8 counts)

Step 4 Grapevine- 8 counts -step behind step together R tap top of ball next to you than step behind step together leftand tap top of your ball

Step 5 Single Tap Around- 8 counts- single tap the top of your ball while walking around the ball

Step 6 Freestyle 8 counts - Create your own 8 counts with your sticks while moving to the stability ball to the right

Repeat Dance until the end of the song


To make this dance more of a workout encourage the students to squat while performing some of the moves.

Assessment Ideas:

You can videotape the dance and then use a rubric to score each individual student in the following categories: rhythmc ability, execution, and expression.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Change the last 8 counts of the dance by having the students create an 8 count at their own stability ball so students with limited mobility do not have to travel.

Submitted by Kathleen Johnson who teaches at Rhode Island College in Providence, RI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/28/2012.
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