Name/Title: Triple Step Stomp (December 2011)

Purpose of Event: To enhance rhythmic development and introduce a basic triple step.

Prerequisites: Students should have basic line dance experience, and know the vine step and how to pivot.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Recommended music: “Disturbia” by Rhiana (or any 4/4 or 2/4 time music)

Description of Idea

** This is a fun 32-count line dance that incorporates a vine, pivot and a triple step.

(Footwork for Counts 1-8: Stomp, Kick, Triple Steps)

Counts 1-4: Stomp right (weight on left foot), kick right; triple right in place (step right, step left, step right).
* Cue: Stomp, Kick; Right-Left-Right

Counts 5-8: Stomp left (weight on right foot) kick left; triple left in place (step left, step right, step left).
* Cue: Stomp, Kick; Left-Right-Left

(Footwork for Counts 9-16: Vine & Triples)

Counts 9-12: Step with right to side, cross left behind right, triple right in place.
* Cue: Right, Behind; Right-Left-Right

counts 13-16: Step with left to side, cross right behind left, triple left in place.
* Cue: Left, Behind; Left-Right-Left

(Footwork for Counts17-24: Walk, Triples and Pivot ½ Turn)

Counts 17-20: Walk forward right, left; triple forward right.
* Cue: Right, Left; Right-Left-Right

Counts 21-24: Step forward on left; pivot ½ turn to the right; triple forward left (facing back wall after the pivot).
* Cue: Left, Pivot; Left-Right-Left

(Footwork for Counts 25-32: Toe Taps & Triples)

Counts 25-28: Tap right toes forward, tap right toes to side, triple right in
* Cue: Forward, Side; Right-Left-Right

Counts 29-32: Tap left toes forward, tap left toes to side, triple left in place.
* Cue: Forward, Side; Left-Right-Left

** Repeat from beginning.


Try starting the dance with the opposite foot (i.e., stomp left) and continue throughout the dance. Challenge students to add claps on the triple steps.

Assessment Ideas:

Have students practice with a partner on Counts 17-32. After practice, have another set of partners observe and offer feedback.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Use slower music if students are having a difficult time with the dance. (This is true for all students.) Feel free to modify any of the steps if students are having difficulty.

Submitted by Dr. Carol Conkell who teaches at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, MN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/20/2012.
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