Name/Title: Golf Unit Day 4 Warm-up

Purpose of Event: Students will be able to problem solve and identify a golfer's score during a warmup. They will also be to demonstrate a full golf swing during a warm-up activity, using one of the two grips shown in class.

Prerequisites: Day 1 - We began with a warm-up activity, pre-assessing the students prior knowledge of golf. Terms specific to scoring, rules, areas of a golf course, types of clubs, etc were discussed. Following the warm-up, we discussed the interlock and 10-finger grip. There is a third grip, the overlap, but we do not discuss it at the middle school level as many students' hands are not yet fully developed to properly utilize the overlap. After establishing a grip, students mirrored the teacher, mimicking the full swing motion. Day 2/3 - Review of grip/full swing. On these days, students reviewed the grip, and were able to hit full swing shots in stations, indoors. At the closure of Day 3, students were asked to think back to Day 1, and the terminology we used in our warm-up. What does par mean? What does birdie mean, and how does it compare to par? The same question was asked for the term bogey. On the 4th day of the unit, students would be challenged in their warm-up to apply those terms.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed: Our lesson was conducted indoors, consisting of 9 stations, for 27 students.

9 cones (safety line for stations)
9 large mats (old "kickball" type of mats. Golf mats at times may be too small)
50 plastic golf balls
10 golf clubs (9 right handed, 1 left handed)
30 "short" golf clubs (see additional info for description)
9 small whiteboards
10 targets for students to hit when progression to full shots

Description of Idea

Reminder, this is a warm-up activity.

Students were directed to get into a group of three and stand near a target that had a whiteboard on the floor. On my signal, they were to read the scenario that was already on the whiteboard. An example of a scenario was: "Mr. Buckley is playing a Par 4 golf hole. He gets a BIRDIE. How many times did Mr. Buckley hit the golf ball?" (the answer is 3). The answer for the scenario indicates how many times the students are to run the perimeter of the gym. When they have run their laps, they are to return to their starting station, and in their own personal space, use the short club to practice a full shot swing 10 times. When they are done, they are to place the short club by their feet, so I know they are ready to move on.

This is a great warm-up for a couple of reasons.
1 - We are revisiting previously discussed content
2 - It incorporates literacy and problem solving
3 - Students get moving! Even though it's golf, students are still able to engage in cardiovascular exercise.

Assessment Ideas:

I co-teach, so it was easy to monitor learning. We would float around while students were reading their scenarios to determine if they could determine the golfer's score. Through informal observation, we could also determine if students were utilizing correct technique in the grip and golf swing when swinging the short club.

Teaching Suggestions:

Short clubs - Golf shops like Golf Galaxy, have a station in their stores of just golf grips. These grips are attached to short graphite golf shafts. These are the perfect tool to use when introducing the golf grip and full swing. Students can take full swings without worrying about hitting someone near them, or the floor, and it gives them the opportunity to practice a golf grip using a real golf grip and part of club.

Just go to any golf store, and ask if they are throwing away any golf grips. There is a high turnover of golf grips, and golf stores are constantly getting new inventory of golf grips. You should be able to get some grips.

Submitted by Ian Buckley in Rochester, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/13/2012.
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