Name/Title: Twister with a Twist

Academic content: Language Arts: English/Spanish

Purpose of Event: To incorporate Spanish words and the game of Twister to learn and explore: personal space, non-locomotor movements, body awareness, coordination, balance, left/right sides of body and Spanish words.

Prerequisites: * Spanish: colors and body parts * Non-locomotor movements: twisting, turning, reaching, swaying * Personal space

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: one large Twister board for every 4-8 students

Physical activity: Nonlocomotor Movement, Body Identification, Left/Right Sides

Description of Idea

Begin by arranging students in groups of 4-8, preferably with an equal ratio of boys to girls.

Girls = las chicas go at one time, then boys = los chicos have a turn.

No need for the Twister spinner. Use the basic body parts (*hand = la mano, *feet = el pie, like the classic Twister game), but then add:

* knee = la rodilla
* ankle = el tobillo
* elbow = el codo
* ear = la oreja
* head = la cabeza
* leg = la pierna
* shoulder = el hombro
* nose = la nariz

Refer to the colors in Spanish: red = rojo, blue = azul, yellow = amarillo, green = verde.

When students are eliminated from their Twister board they are to move in a clockwise direction around the room and join the next group.


Assessment Ideas:

* Observation
* Develop a worksheet that uses the translations from English to Spanish.

Teaching Suggestions:

Have posters available with the translations from English to Spanish.

Continue to repeat the English word, then Spanish word, then English word with each direction.

Set the students up to be the Twister caller.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students could point to the colors and point to the body parts.

Submitted by Janet Jancewicz who teaches at St. Ambrose School in Brunswick, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/6/2011.
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