Name/Title: Typing Tip Toes

Academic content: Spelling, Technology, Math

Purpose of Event: Students will become familiar with the keyboard on a computer. Students will practice their spelling words. Students will improve upon their hopping and/or jumping ability.

Prerequisites: Students should have some understanding of the spelling words that are used. Students should be able to hop and jump.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: painter’s cloth for each group: draw a computer keyboard on a shower curtain or small bed sheet, a list of spelling words or flashcards of spelling words for each group, ball (optional), math flashcards (optional)

Physical activity: gross motor skills, body movement awareness, locomotor skills

Description of Idea

Students are divided into small groups. Each group is given a painter’s cloth. A spelling list or spelling flashcards with their current spelling words are handed to each group. Students are then asked to hop or jump on the keyboard to spell the given word. Students take turns spelling the words.


Rather than hopping or jumping, have students use a given body part to touch the letters. Students could bounce a ball on each of the letters.

Math could also be used on the keyboard. Hold up flashcards and students need to jump to the answer. You could give each group a number written in words and students need to hop on the actual numbers after reading the number in words.

Assessment Ideas:

During the lesson see how students are using their gross motor skills, note observations of success or difficulties. The teacher can observe to see if students are moving through the words correctly or if students are having difficulty with certain words.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make the groups small enough to keep children active for the majority of the time.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

For a student with limited mobility, (s)he can be given a yard stick to tap on the letters or could be given a piece of paper with a drawing of the computer keyboard to touch the letters.

Submitted by Barbara Palmer who teaches at Trinity Lutheran School in Racine, WI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/14/2011.
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