Name/Title: Stuck Like Glue 4-Wall Line Dance (April/May 2011)

Purpose of Event: To perform a 4-wall country themed line dance, staying with the music and remembering the sequence of the steps.

Suggested Grade Level: 4-12

Materials Needed: None

Recommended music: Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland

Beginning dance formation: Students can be arranged in rows, in a large circle, or spread randomly around the gym.

Description of Idea

This dance is 32 counts and can be taught with or without the turns.

Step 1: Twist Step – Cue with: heels-toes-heels-toes-R heel, toe- heel-toe.
With both feet together swivel both heels to the L (1), followed by the toes to the L (2), repeat heels to the L followed by toes to the L (3-4).
Place R heel to the front (5), touch the R toe next to L foot (6), repeat placing the R heel forward (7), and touching R toes back next to L foot (8).

Step 2: Grapevines R and L with scuff at end of each grapevine.
Adding a turn: Grapevine to the R ending with a scuff of the L foot (1-4); Grapevine to the L ending with a scuff on the R foot and a ¼ turn to the L (5-8). The dancer is now facing a new wall.

Step 3: Advanced step – Cue with: Shuffle R- Rock step – Shuffle L-Rock step.
Shuffle step - step on the R foot (1), step on the ball of the L foot (&), step on the R foot (2)- (also called a step-ball-change or chasse).
Rock forward by stepping forward on L foot (3) and rock back by stepping back on R foot (4).
Reverse the step by doing a shuffle step moving backwards stepping on the L foot (5), step on the ball of the R foot (&), step on L foot (6).
The rock step is done by stepping back on the R foot (7) and forward on the L foot (8).


Step 3: Easier step – Glue step: Feet slide as if “stuck like glue.”
Step forward on the R foot and slowly drag L foot up to R (counts 1-4).
Step back on L foot and slowly drag R foot to the back to the R foot (counts 5-8).

Step 4: Twist and Shout
Step on the R foot to the R side (1), bring L foot in and stomp L (2).
Step on the L foot to the L side (3), bring the R foot in and stomp R (4).
Keeping feet together, twist hips to the R (5), L (6) and 2 times to the R (7-8) while shouting “yahoo.”
Repeat the dance to a new wall.



After teaching the 4 steps, challenge students to create another variation to add to the dance. Arms can also be added to each step.

Teaching Suggestions:

Anticipatory Set: Country music has long been associated with line dancing. Ask students if they can name a country singer, group or song. There have been many popular line dances through the years, including “Boot Scooting Boogie” and “Copperhead Road.” Both of these dances go with a specific song. There are some line dances that can go with any song.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students in wheelchairs can do all of the twisting movements with the hands and arms and can move the wheelchair side to side during the grapevines and forward and back on the “glue step.” The dance can be done facing the same wall without doing any turns for students with cognitive disabilities. The dance can also be done to a song with a slower tempo.

Submitted by Brenda Goodwin who teaches at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/7/2018.
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