Name/Title: Scrambled Eggs

Purpose of Event: The purpose of the activity is to teach pre-volleyball skills.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: One balloon per pair of students, permanent markers, a volleyball net, white board or chart paper.

Description of Idea

Students should sit around the board. Do a KWL with the students to assess their prior knowledge of volleyball. Ask the students if they know how to hit a balloon to keep it in the air. Show them how to use their hands to form a triangle. Have them form a triangle at forehead level. Have them extend their triangle window out by extending their arms out. This is the set. Have them draw with a marker a triangle and the word set on their balloon. Have them practice this with a partner. One person practices on the balloon while the other person gives feedback.

Bring the class together. Next go over the forearm pass. Have all students make a fist. Have them take their other hand and grab their fist making sure to align their thumbs next to each other. Make a platform with their arms. Demonstrate and check everyone for accuracy before moving on. Elbows should NOT be bent. Have them write forearm pass on their balloons and any other tips or cues that you think are important. Make sure to have them aim their arms toward the direction they want their balloon to go. Have them practice with a partner. One person can throw the balloon so the other person can hit it back to them using the forearm pass.

Next you will play "Scrambled Eggs". Explain that the balloons are the eggs. Divide your class in two. Half goes on each side of the net. You can still play the game if you don't have a net. Just use a line on the gym floor. The object is to keep the balloons in the air by practicing the set and forearm pass. You may hit any balloon. Everyone works together on the team to continually volley balloons over the net. While volleying the teacher can circulate and provide feedback to individual students.

Assessment Ideas:

At the end finish your KWL chart. As students are waiting for their teacher to pick them up ask them to show you with their arms the set and forearm pass.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students in wheelchairs can still do this activity just have them work with someone who can retrieve any balloons that get away.

Submitted by Ana Reutinger who teaches at Pickett Elementary School in Lexington, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/30/2011.
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