Name/Title: How far can you go?

Purpose of Event: Students will learn to use proper technique when passing a soccer ball. They will practice this technique in an effort to pass the ball acurately through a target to a partner.

Prerequisites: None

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Lets assume there are 24 students in the class. You will need 12 soccer balls and 24 cones.

Description of Idea

Before the class arrives, make 12 soccer goals using the cones. Put a soccer ball on the ground between each set of cones (goal). You can make the goals as big or as small as necessary. You can adjust the width of the cones at any time depending on the skill level of your students. Make sure the goals are spread out so no 2 goals are right near each other. When students arrive, describe and demonstrate proper soccer passing technique. Plant your non-kicking foot (plant foot) beside the ball with your toes pointing toward your partner. Kick through the center of the ball with the inside of your kicking foot. Keep your eyes on the ball as you kick. After you describe and demonstrate, put students in pairs. Assign each pair a goal. Give them some time to practice passing the ball back and forth to each other through the goal. The objective is for the ball to pass through the goal and go to your partner. After they had some time to practice, describe and demonstrate the activity (How far can you go?). Stand face to face with your partner. Pass the ball back and forth one time. If the ball passed through the goal, take a step backwards. Each time you pass the ball through the goal, take a step backwards. In the event that a pass doesn't go through the goal, try again from that distance. You only get to move backwards if the pass traveled through the goal. Continue passing back and forth with your partner. The object is to practice your accuracy. As you improve your consistency, you will continue to be challenged by moving farther and farther away from the goal.


For children who need more challenge have them pass while moving or change the angle they use while passing through the goal.

Assessment Ideas:

Watch as they pass. Are the balls passing through the goals?

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Make the goals wider. Use a beachball or a trainer volleyball.

Submitted by Bob Wright in Richboro, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/3/2010.
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