Name/Title: Nursery Rhyme Stations

Academic content: Language Arts

Purpose of Event: To reinforce the rhythm and repetition of Nursery Rhymes learned in the regular classroom while incorporating movement activities in PE.

Prerequisites: Review with students the rhymes: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"; "Jack & Jill"; "Humpty Dumpty"; and "Jack Be Nimble"

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: - Posters of each Nursery Rhyme to locate at each station
- Mary Had a Little Lamb Station: 2 or more large bags of cotton balls, a clothespin for each student, & a large pail
- Jack and Jill Station: several plastic sand pails, a small plastic wading pool and several yarn balls or other balls to fill the pool
- Humpty Dumpty Station: balance beams, wooden spoons & wooden eggs for balancing - Jack Be Nimble: 10-12 small cones student are able to jump over

Physical activity: Various Locomotor & Non-Locomotor Skills

Description of Idea

Students rotate through these various stations, reciting the rhymes as they go.

- Mary Had a Little Lamb: "Fleece" (cotton balls) are scattered over the gym floor and students must run to pick up one cotton ball at a time using their clothespin to pinch/grasp it with and take it to the pail to see how much they can collect.

- Jack & Jill Station: Each student will skip a designated distance to the "well" (swimming pool) and retrieve a bit of water (1 yarn ball) and then skip back - seeing how much water they can get before time to rotate stations.

- Humpty Dumpty Station: Students must balance on the "wall" (balance beams) like Humpty, but not fall as he did! Several painted lines, or jump ropes or 2x4s on the ground could be used to spread out children. As they walk the line, they carry a bean bag in their hand or balance it on their head.

- Jack Be Nimble Station: Students must practice using 2-feet jumping/landing over each "candlestick" in the station.


The teacher should walk around and monitor the activities. Say the rhyme aloud replacing the name of the student into the rhyme, i.e., "Stacey be nimble, Stacey be quick, Stacey jump over the candlestick."

You could easily add more stations based on other Nursery Rhymes the students may have learned.

Assessment Ideas:

Position yourself in the center of the station area where you can easily move and watch the progress of children in their jumping, skipping, balancing and fine motor skills.

Submitted by Lisa Ives who teaches at Tolar Elementary in Tolar, TX. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/10/2010.
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