Name/Title: Scooter Nutrition

Purpose of Event: To reinforce animal movements and muscular strength/endurance while learning about the MyPlate food groups.

Prerequisites: Animal movements, MyPlate Food Groups, work with scooters and scooter safety.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed:

Posters of MyPlate (one for every two students-can be printed free from the USDA website)
Scooters (one for every two students)
Pictures representing the five MyPlate food groups (Vegetables, Protein, Grains, Fruit and Dairy-several for each food group).
Laminating the posters and pictures would protect them for reuse!

Description of Idea

Place the scooters on one side of the activity area; with the MyPlate posters behind the scooter.

Explain to students that when they are divided into groups, they are to sit beside their MyPlate poster without touching their scooter. They are also reminded that at no time during the activity are they to stand on the scooter. Students are to follow the teacher’s instructions on how to use the scooter safely.

Divide class into pairs of two and ask them to sit beside their MyPlate poster. The teacher identifies one of the five food groups for student focus. For example, the teacher may identify a “fruit”. The teacher can talk about fruits and how they help us nutritionally.

The teacher assigns one of the students of the pair a motor skill (crab walk, bear walk, puppy walk, frog jump, seal walk, elephant walk, inchworm, etc.). The other student is given instructions for traveling on the scooter (on their seat using their feet to move, on their stomach using their arms to move, etc.)

On a signal, both students from the assigned pair travel into the activity area traveling according to how they were assigned by the teacher. They are to look for a picture of the food group identified by the teacher (fruit, for example). Once they have the picture, they are grab the picture and place it so they can continue moving as instructed. For example, if they are performing the crab walk, they can place the picture on their stomach to return to the starting point (the poster).

Two minutes will be given for students to find pictures (of fruits, for example). When the 2 minutes is up, students will identify where (fruits) are on the MyPlate poster!

The teacher will reassign students to animal movements or the scooter.

Submitted by Melinda Swedberg who teaches at Bellingham Christian School in Bellingham, WA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/22/2017.
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