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Title of Bulletin Board: Careers That Focus on Maintaining Healthy and Acti

Category: Student Work

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials: Student Work, Bulletin Board Border


My students were given the following assignment:

Informational Publication Assignment

There are a variety of career options in the field of sport, physical fitness and recreation. These careers focus on helping yourself and/or others to maintain healthy active lifestyles.

Your assignment is to research these fields and find a job that sounds interesting to you. Once you have picked a career that you are interested and knowledgeable in, you are going to create an informational publication. This “informational publication” will be a brochure or poster that advertises for your career. You will want to put as much information on your publication as possible, without making it too hard to read. Please make sure the following information is in your informational publication.

1. Describe the job in detail.
2. Indicate what training or education is required.
3. Indicate salaries and job availability.
4. Any other interesting or pertinent information.

Additional Information:

There were many careers that the students decided to research. This assignment / bulletin board was a great way to show others the plethora of jobs that focus on helping others/themselves maintain healthy active lifestyles (NYS Standard 3).

Students picked a variety of careers including Nursing, Sportswear Designer, PE teacher, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dance Instructor, Recreational Therapist, Olympic Field Hockey Player, Logger, and the list goes on!!!

Careers That Focus on Maintaining Healthy and Acti Image

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Submitted by Megan O'Sullivan who teaches at Sidney Middle School in Sidney, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/18/2009 4:26:14 PM. Viewed 7692 times since 11/18/2009.

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