PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Change is Good!

Category: Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: K-12

Materials: Construction Paper, Clip Art of a Child's Face


This bulletin board was created to reinforce the physical changes that take place in the body DURING exercise. For older grades it can assist students in noticing some of the indicators of the intensity level at which they are working. The board has a child's face with the following "props"/labels:

water drops for sweat
red cheeks (skin turning red)
yellow breath coming out of the mouth for breathing heavy
heart that has pumping action added for heart beating faster
steam coming from the head for feeling hot
pac-man on the head for the endorphins released in the brain
Each of these "props" have a line with a label

Change is Good! Image

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Submitted by Karyn Misenheimer who teaches at Hills Garrison School in Hudson, NH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/28/2009 8:51:43 AM. Viewed 9295 times since 10/23/2009.

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Kathy Houston

Visual - easy to understand - connects brain aspects which can and should direct and lead to follow through in the Physical Education classroom and regular classroom with brain research and move/learn concept - makes you turn and look - many valuable lessons in the picture -necessary lesson - I love it! Thanks for sharing!