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Title of Bulletin Board: Welcome to Survivor

Category: Adventure Education

Suggested Grade Level: 1-6

Materials: Brown construction paper, bulletin board paper, letter cut outs, scissors, tiki themed items from dollar store, 2 talking chips


This board was constructed in order to relate to a teambuilding unit that I do with all grade levels in my school, 1-6th. Students 1-4 create their own mask during PE that will represent their "tribe". Before they create their masks, students are given a talking chip to pass around and share their ideas on what they would like to draw on the mask [eyes, ears, scars etc]. Each student in the tribe will contribute their own idea. Once students are done creating their mask, it is hung up in a 3 dimensional fashion ready for Survivor. Each class has two tribes. Every PE class, the tribes are given challenges to complete. If a tribe finishes before the other tribe, that tribe earns a feather for their win, if either team has good sportsmanship they also earn a feather. This unit focuses on social skills, team work, and cooperation. At the end of the 6 week unit, the feathers are added up to recognize the tribe that had the most feathers.

Grades 5-6th create "totem poles" with the art teacher in order to integrate art curriculum into PE. Each tribe created a totem pole and the totem poles were used in the same fashion as the masks stated above.

Tribe names are created out of their teachers names...ex. Smith SMIwannee vs. THikonika

Additional Information:

-There is another bulletin of the totem poles, but could only download 1 picture, refer to the bulletin board and look at each side for examples of the totem poles.

-Make sure you document how many feathers each tribe has earned per challenge, some feathers fall down or "disappear"

Welcome to Survivor Image

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Submitted by Angela Weikel who teaches at Linden ELementary in doylestown, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/14/2009 9:16:22 PM. Viewed 9261 times since 9/14/2009.

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