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Title of Bulletin Board: Weight Training & Fitness

Category: Fitness

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials: construction paper, principles of training, FITT formula, HR definitions, THR zones, diagram of muscle groups and lists of exercises associated with diff. muscle groups, nutrition facts, pictures


Purpose: To review material covered in weight training/fitness classes, motivate students to stay physically fit, and be a guide in choosing exercises and creating personal fitness plans.

I created this bulletin board for my Weight Training/Fitness Unit for my 9-12 graders during student teaching at Freeport High School in NY. The bulletin board covers both psychomotor and cognitive objectives. It has a lot of content I cover such as the 3 principles of training, FITT formula, heart rate definitions, and THR zones. It also includes a diagram of muscle groups we went over and has a list of exercises that are associated with different muscle groups. A lot of these exercises are what my students perform in class. I think it’s good to have so that all students passing by can look and see what exercises they can do if they want to strengthen/tone a part of their body. I also included "top 20 benefits for weight training" and "top 20 benefits for aerobic exercise". A lot of these benefits related to teenagers so this could be good motivation. I included pictures of where to take your pulse and teenagers working out using different equipment. I used a lot of color in my bulletin board and had it very appealing to the eye with markers, computer print outs, pictures and poster board.

I also wanted to include some nutrition facts on my board. I want to make it a point to my students that you have to eat healthy in order to maintain good fitness levels and be healthy. I also cut out an article with tips for nutrition and put up other cute tips as well.
Overall, I feel this bulletin has a of fitness and nutrition knowledge for high schoolers to read while waiting in line for the lunch room or hanging out by the locker room.

Additional Information:

Teachers can include any relevant information they are covering in a fitness or weight training class. You don't have to put all of this information up all at once but can change and update it regularly. This that seem to keep interest of the students are the benefits and exercises with related muscle groups.

Weight Training & Fitness Image

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Submitted by Meghan Fanning who teaches at Holy Rosary Catholic School in JACKSONVILLE, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/13/2009 12:28:15 PM. Viewed 11997 times since 8/10/2009.

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