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Title of Bulletin Board: 1,000 People Quit Smoking Each Day...By Dying

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials: Construction paper, cut out letter, paint, markers, clip art pictures, cottons balls, plastic bag, stapler


The title, "1,000 People Quit Smoking Each Day..By Dying," was used to get students in the 9th and 10th grade health classes attention while also offering the risk factors of smoking.

I utilized a painted, forked roadway on construction paper to show the two paths that each of them will face when they have drugs introduced to them. On one side, I have pictures and titles of the positive road they might choose including: money, smelling good, clean, white teeth, heart healthy, ability to breath easy and maintaining friendships.

On the other part of the forked road, I displayed the consequences of smoking from the small changes to lung cancer. My goal was to demonstrate that smoking does not always lead to lung cancer, but you may lose your friends, money, ability to breath well and smell good. These are issues that students in early high school may pay closer attention to at this age.

This was incorporated into the drug unit during discussion.

1,000 People Quit Smoking Each Day...By Dying Image

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Coach CLark

That is awesome.


Awesome visual! Very informative for my students.