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Title of Bulletin Board: Where the WILD THINGS come to EXERCISE

Category: Beginning of School

Suggested Grade Level: 2-5

Materials: bulletin and construction paper


This bulletin board is located right outside out the gym in the school hallway. It was posted in September, the beginning of school. It was posted to welcome the children to Physical Education and to get them excited.

The pictures were traced from one of the Wild Things books from the Library and painted with water colors. The Wild Things and the bright colors is what got their attention and you could the see the excitement on their faces.

Where the WILD THINGS come to EXERCISE Image

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Submitted by Dawn Burke who teaches at Southeastern Elementary School in Chesapeake, VA. Additional authors for this idea were Cheryl Smith. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/22/2009 1:11:33 PM. Viewed 22583 times since 2/20/2009.

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Laura Morgan

This bullentin board is AWESOME.
I did exactly the same but I added the little boy, Max.
The students loved it along with the teachers!!! Thank you!

Pam Congleton

I loved your board and I put one up in our gym that looks very similar to yours. We have three PE teachers so I took the animal plates you get from the grocery store and put the plates in the grassy area and took an index card and wrote the Physical Educations teachers name on it and stapled it right next to the animal face so the parents as well as the students would know the names of their PE teacher. I was the koalo bear paper plate face, our male PE teacher was the gorilla face and the other female was the red fox. Every that comes through the gym comments on how they love the board. I have the book and I put it on display near the bulletin board. Thanks for the great idea


What is an easy way to make the Wild Things characters if I can't find the book?