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Title of Bulletin Board: Movement Vocabulary

Category: Movement Vocabulary

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials: Computer, printer, scissors, glue, book with movement vocabulary terms, tape.


The movement vocabulary is essentially the ABC’s of physical education in that it sets the groundwork for all movement. I used Microsoft publisher to make an eight page poster for each of the following: body awareness, manipulative skills, spatial awareness, locomotor skills, nonlocomotor skills, qualities of movement and contrasting movements.

In Microsoft publisher, choose the poster option for the size you need. Type the information needed and download a picture from clip art or from your own collection of students. Once the poster is printed, it is best to laminate first before cutting and gluing pages. Once the poster has been glued it is helpful to tape the seams on the back of the poster for added support. If a digital camera is used with 12 or more megapixels a picture can be enlarged quite nicely for a 4 page poster.

My pictures shown here are 2 pages. The sign above the display was also produced using publisher. This display could be produced with paper and markers by the students as they study each movement theme. Our mascot is the bobcat. The paw prints were purchased at a local school supply store.

Movement Vocabulary Image

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Submitted by Sara Strickland who teaches at Drayton Hall Elementary in Charleston, SC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/13/2009 5:00:47 PM. Viewed 13015 times since 2/11/2009.

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Hugo Cardona

Thats a great idea, i think we also can integrate english vocabulary cause our school is in Puerto Rico and the P.E. class is in spanish.
We can also use the paws, our mascot is the american lion.