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Title of Bulletin Board: Basketball Key Words in Pictures

Category: Sports

Suggested Grade Level: 4-6

Materials: Black Bulletin Board Background Paper, Orange Bulletin Board Paper, Photos of Various Basketball Related Terms, Red Construction Paper, Black Cut Out Letters, Black Marker, Purple Border


I constructed this bulletin board with my fifth and sixth grade students in mind, but all of my students love looking at the pictures. The main idea is for the fifth and sixth graders to see the cues that we use in class, in action. It is a whole lot more convincing to a sixth grader when he/she sees LeBron James lift his knee during a lay-up than when the demonstration is from me alone.

I Googled images of all of the terms I would be using on my big basketball: dribble, lay-up, jump shot, slam-dunk (no, I do not teach them to dunk, but they love to see it), rebound, boxing out, the backboard, the key. I made sure to find pictures of both men and women in action for each term. I printed the images in color, cut them out, and grouped them by term on red construction paper that I cut about a half-inch around the images.

One of my favorite parts of this bulletin board is that I will be able to take it apart, laminate it, and have it for future use as I made everything in small pieces. The black background is the key; it actually serves as the lines on the basketball.

I made the ball by cutting out a huge orange circle. To cut it with accurate basketball lines, I folded it in quarters then drew the curved line that is in each quarter. I cut along the curved line through all quarters, and then I cut along all of the folds. By placing each piece about a quarter inch from one another on the black background, it looks like a basketball.

I spelled out "BASKETBALL" with the cut out letters and placed it on the center of the ball. I then wrote the keywords on each section of the basketball and used arrows to point to the images of the keywords.

I finished the board with a purple border. I used the red and purple so the orange ball on the black background would not look too "Halloween."

Basketball Key Words in Pictures Image

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awesome job! great description directions, and the outcome looks really neat!