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Title of Bulletin Board: Attack of the Plaque! Run for the Floss!

Category: Dental Care

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Pre-cut letters, something to hold hand-outs, Tyrannosaurus Rex pictures, narrow silver ribbon, benefits of flossing pamphlets, how to floss desciption, access to a computer and printer


This project was designed for the purpose of showing children the importance proper and regular dental care. It meets the North Carolina Standard Course of Study Standard 2.02.

Most children like dinosaurs, especially T-Rex. They also know that a T-Rex has many sharp teeth. That is where the idea of lots of teeth and attack came together.

This bulletin board has an oversized T Rex that I printed, cut out, and colored. It also has a smaller T Rex that printed, colored, and cut out. Pre-made dinosaur pictures are available at most Teacher's Supply stores. They would work just as well. I used pre-cut upper and lower case letters to show the title of the board. The "Plaque" in the title appears to be coming out of his mouth. I made a white box and labeled it "Dyna Fight Dental Floss". I used the silver ribbon as floss and had it appear as if it was coming out of the box. I then had it run all through the bulletin board.

On the left side of the board, I had bulleted tips for proper tooth care. They were; Eat healthy foods, Visit your dentist two times a year, Brush your teeth two time a day, and Floss your teeth daily.

Under these, I had a printed flyers of "How to Floss" in a plastic holder. Students could take one of these for their own use. If flyers are not available, there are several resources (i.e., the A.D.A.) you can use to get the steps for flossing.

On the right side of the board was another plastic holder for a pamphlet on the benefits of flossing. Students were also encouraged to take one these for their own use. I used one I created using Microsoft Publisher. Every dentist office has pamphlets you can use instead of creating your own.

Below the pamphlets I printed out a sign, "Do Not Delay - Floss Today". On the sign was a cartoon picture of two teeth standing side-by-side and they were smiling. Around the cartoon teeth was written " Healthy Teeth are Happy Teeth".

Attack of the Plaque!  Run for the Floss! Image

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John Bennett

Great bullettin board and great effort! This is a "homerun" for sure and a great BB for schools to use. Job well done! JB