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Title of Bulletin Board: Happy Trails

Category: Safety

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials: Compass Rose, Map of State (Virginia), World Map with Continents labeled, Seat Belt Safety Steps Poster , Bulletin Board Paper, Quiz questions about the continents, Seat Belt Rhyme


This board is set up for my Navigation Week in November. During this week the Pre K and K classes will be discussing Seat Belt Safety . Since the Holidays start a busy season of traveling for shopping and visiting family I talk about how to be safe in the car. It is also an SOL for K to be able to identify their state, Virginia.

I have included a second grade SOL also, the compass rose. This is just a visual reminder of the map skills they have already studied this year. We also play a game from PE Central Integrated lessons, Compass Rose Tossing.

I have also included the third graders in this board by putting the World map up and the continents quiz questions. The third graders will be playing another game from PE Central Integrated lessons, Continent Adventure.

I have found kids of all ages stopping by and quizzing themselves and pleasing themselves by recognizing information they have learned in the classroom.

Additional Information:

The Seat Belt Safety Poster is by M Y Duarte entitled Grow up With Seat Belts.

The Seat Belt Safety tips came from the website, .

The Rhyme on the board is also from the above website.


Please believe me when I say....
We must be careful every day,
'cause in a car or in a truck,
Safety can't depend on luck.

Take this advice like a breath of fresh air...
It's up to those who truly care
To travel safely everywhere.
That's the news you need to share.

Happy Trails Image

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Submitted by Martha McCarthy who teaches at Blackstone Primary School in Blackstone, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/6/2008 1:00:56 PM. Viewed 8027 times since 11/5/2008.

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