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Title of Bulletin Board: Flag Football-Rules and Skills

Category: Sports

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: letters, border, markers


This board was made for reviewing rules and skills used in flag football. After teaching all the skills and rules, I picked out the most important ones for the board. Now, before we play games, we will come over to the board to review. The skills flip up and inside are the key refinements for each skill, which should be reviewed before each game. The rules are a few simple ones I think are most important and ones they should remember when playing. Also, in yellow are 3 things we stress... safety, good sportsmanship, and teamwork.

Since the gym has no “real” place for bulletin boards like a classroom, I just make my own by taping paper on the wall and taping border around it. If works just fine!!

I have the kids come up and read the rules or skill refinements, and demonstrate for the class. They love it. It is a good interactive review, opposed to me just talking. Good for visual learners!!

Additional Information:

This can be used for any subject or sport!!

Flag Football-Rules and Skills Image

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Great board!!