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Title of Bulletin Board: Active and Fit Around the World

Category: Integration

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: world map fabric (can be found at Wal Mart), bulletin board paper or fabric to cover whole board, letters cut out (best if laminated)


The bulletin board I have come up with is called Active and Fit Around the World. I use this to integrate Social Studies, Geography, and general knowledge about different countries. At the beginning of each unit, I have the students discuss which countries, other than the USA, play or have professional teams in the sport we are studying. I then ask the students to get in small groups, discuss which country they are chosing, then take a push pin and mark it on our map. This really helps the students learn where countries are, and how many different countries around the world play the same sports we do. I also make sure to find out answers myself so I can share with them as well. I decided to come up with a board like this one because children have a difficult time understanding the concept of a country, especially at the elementary level. This way, students are getting a better understanding of our world, and how to use a map.

Active and Fit Around the World Image

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