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Title of Bulletin Board: Harvest Healthy Habits

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Scarecrow from web, pumpkin, leaves whatever you want to use


In the mornings I do Kinder. intervention and they are working on "I like" or "I can" sentences. I wanted to bring that into the P.E. environment when they came to my class. So before playing healthy habits tag we talked about what a healthy habit is by showing different pictures of fruits, veggies, exercises, bathing etc. along with some bad habits. On the pictures I showed i taped them to the wall with sentences such as "I can eat apples" "I can play tag" "I can eat broccoli" "I can take a bath" "I like playing" and so on! I had about 10 pictures with sentences. After explaining and taping pictures to gym wall I told them to take a fall item and they would write a sentence that they liked! Make sure to put lines on your fall characters. You can do this with any grade.

Harvest Healthy Habits Image

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