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Title of Bulletin Board: Mileage Club

Category: Motivation

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Construction paper; enlarged clip art of a gym shoe, magic markers


I recently started a purchased walking program called the "Mileage Club" with some 3rd grade classrooms. The bulletin board helps them track how many miles they have walked as a large group. I first made huge letters named "Mileage Club" to draw attention. Outlining the letters in black makes them POP (show up better). I then drew a large map of the USA with capital cities shown. Each week the miles everyone walks are totaled and a line is drawn on the map going towards a capital city. We start in our home town.

Additional Information:

I gave some students clip art of the gym shoe and they colored in patterns and designs with magic markers and I used these as the border.

Mileage Club Image

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Submitted by Pamela Johnson who teaches at Prince Edward Elementary in Farmville, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/5/2008 4:26:46 PM. Viewed 17857 times since 7/31/2008.

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Kathryn Garvey

We are just launching a Mileage Club - please share what has worked best for your school. Where did you get the map to trace and the shoe clip art?


Melanie....sorry that I am just getting to your post. I could have drawn the map free hand but I have a thing about maps being as acurate as possible. So I did trace it using a big old map that I had on hand. As for your measurements I used accurate mileage from one city to another. So basically if Richmond is 65 miles from Farmville and we have cummulatively run 65 or more miles then I just draw a line from home to that city. Then we just go a northern route to capital cities. I would imagine it would take some time to go across the US in a straight path so you may need to get the exact mileage for that (about 3,000 mi. correct?) and then my guess is that you would figure about how many miles your kids can do in a week and then calculate from that. I am no math check that with your math expert. Hope that helps.


What did you use to help draw the big map? We are in Florida and I want to calculate how long it takes them to cross the US. Any ideas for how we can measure that out? Thanks, Mel


What did you use to help draw the big map? Or did you trace it?

Sarah Hodges

What a wonderful idea!!! Love the bulletin board!
Thanks for everything you do!! :)

Ms. Robertson

Thanks for all you do all the time at PECES. This is great! I love your bulletin board.

Angie Rainey

Love this idea and the beautiful bulletin board. Thanks for putting PECES on the site!