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Title of Bulletin Board: The Power of YET: growth mindset

Category: Character Education

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials: Bulletin board, paper, letters


Our school is adopted the Growth Mindset this year. Every year I have students struggle with skills and get frustrated or upset. Since I teach K-2, most of them have not been taught why we struggle with things or how we work through them. This teaches them to think about their thinking and how to reflect on their progress.

I labeled each area in different colors so they can see the differences.

The Power of YET!
Why do we "struggle"?
- It might be a new skill.
- It might be something we haven't practiced in a long time.
- It might be a harder version of a skill we already know.
What do you do when you struggle with a skill or movement?
- Stay calm.
- Be positive.
- Keep practicing.
- Never give up.
What do you NOT do?
- Pout or cry.
- Give up.
- Say "I can't".

Additional Information:

The beginning inspiration of this board came from The Power of Yet from Colleen Martin who teaches at Floral Park Bellerose in Floral Parl, NY.

The Power of YET: growth mindset Image

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