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Title of Bulletin Board: Muscle for the Month

Category: About the Body

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: contruction paper for background, picture of human with muscles exposed, individual muscle names and pronounciations, description of how the muscle works, picture of how the muscle is used


I found a picture of the human body with the muscles exposed. I positioned the picture in the middle of my board. For each month, I have a muscle name, the way the muscle is pronounced, a description of how the muscle works in our body and a picture of someone using the muscle during activity. I position an arrow on the body picture to show where the muscle is located. I want to make my students aware of, and responsible for, their own bodies. Each month my K-6 students and I talk about a different muscle. I have this bulletin board by the door they use to exit from PE. As closure, I ask the name of the muscle, where it is on the body and how it works. I ask the students if they used that muscle during PE class that day. I also ask about previous muscles we have covered during the year.

Muscle for the Month Image

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Submitted by Erin Hoffman in Gilbert, AZ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/21/2008 1:39:17 PM. Viewed 13906 times since 6/29/2008.

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Please help me fine that picture of the human body. It would fit great over the lockers in the locker room. I ordered the book from Barnes and Nobles, but it was not the right one. They did not have any other books.


Great bulletin board. I am also wondering , where did you get such a great picture of the human body?

Yvette Parson, Booklyn, NY

By the way, where did you find the picture of exposed muscles doing a pushup or any other exercise? This would be valuable information for we P.E. Teachers. Thanks.

Yvette Parson, Booklyn, NY

Love this BBoard. Now this is what I believe Middle School Boards should look like. A Picture of one or more of your students performing a pushup will enhance this board. This will make it more personal for the student body and less likely to be destroyed or vandalized. Three thumbs up!!!


That large muscle poster was in a book? I'm looking for a large scale model of the muscles


I got the book at Barnes and Noble. It is called Discoveries - The Human Body.


Where do you find the human model that shows muscles/bones?

Susan Mumley

Where can I get the great picture of the muscles in the body push up that is on the bulletin board "Muscle of the month"?


Great Idea!