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Title of Bulletin Board: The Road to Rio

Category: Olympics

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Printouts (see below), construction paper, markers


This bulletin board informs the students that the Summer Olympics is coming up. Most students might know that, so I've highlighted 3 of the U.S.A. Trials that will be held over the summer when the kids are at home. I will be highlighting certain athletes that have a great chance of qualifying to make the U.S.A Olympic team to help them cheer for someone/create a bond.

The middle row contains some interesting facts/numbers about the Olympics that I received from the Rio2016 website that I thought the students might find appealing. Two of the pages contain information about the history of the Olympic games. One of the pages discusses what the rings represent/what the Olympic values are and the last page displays the events that will be in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The bottom row consists of what the Olympic torch looks like this year, the journey it will travel, and the results from the 2012 Summer Olympics that were held in London.

Teachers can highlight numerous things on the bulletin board:
Math - Who can add up the number of gold medals achieved by the USA and Germany? Which team won the most bronze medals?

Social Studies - Discuss where Brazil is within South America. Discuss the history behind the Brazilian flag and the tall Jesus statue that resides in that country (major tourist attraction)
Find where Greece is on a map (location of first Olympic games)?

Spelling - Who can spell the event - equestrian or marathon?

Brazil is a Spanish speaking country.......your Spanish teacher can speak to his/her class about some interesting things about Brazil and share how to say certain sports in the Spanish language.

Summer Olympics by the Numbers

Olympic Images

The Road to Rio Image

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They speak portuguese in brazil not spanish!!!!

David James

Good information, however Brazil speaks Portuguese and not Spanish