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Title of Bulletin Board: Our Winter Giving Tree

Category: Cooperation

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials: Crayons / Paper / Colored Construction Paper / Snowflake Printouts / Pictures of Students


After reading the story, "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein, students in my Kindergarten Health class were tasked with creating their own version of a giving tree. Students wrote down what they can do to be cooperative and kind towards others in class. They came up with brilliant ideas:

-Sharing games/materials with others
-Listening to others
-Taking turns
-Cleaning up together

With the opportunity of student choice in mind, students were able to choose whether they want to act out their favorite form of cooperation and kindness, or write a sentence and illustrate a picture of cooperation and kindness. The students who acted out the task are pictured cleaning up together, sharing games, taking turns, etc.; while the other student work is seen along the bottom of the board. Students loved taking the initiative of promoting a more comfortable classroom community. Through student choice, students were able to stay motivated; and, in turn, facilitate their own learning. This board helped culminate our family unit in Health.

Additional Information:

Pictures came out clear when printed off of a color printer.

Our Winter Giving Tree Image

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