PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Owl Adventure!

Category: Cooperation

Suggested Grade Level: 3-8

Materials: Construction Paper, Printer, Sharpie Markers


The Owl Adventure board was created to remind students what adventure in Physical Education was all about. Commonly referred to as "Project Adventure" by other physical educators, we call it "Owl Adventure" because at our middle school the owl is our mascot. Students gained a greater understanding and appreciation for teamwork oriented activities such as mine field, mission impossible, all aboard, and spiderweb to name a few.

As a closure activity, the class engaged in discussion about the some of the skills they developed as a result of their teamwork efforts.
Students produced an impressive list of adventure skills, which also reinforced their adventure vocabulary:
-Cooperation, teamwork, communication, listening, collaboration, respect, participation, accountability, goal setting, decision making, problem solving, and risk & reward.

Students were then given a small piece of paper to reflect and articulate a time in their life where they demonstrated one of the skills we listed above. (anytime time - not just sports!) By sharing their work they developed a more rounded understanding of the importance of adventure education. Students really enjoyed sharing their experiences with these skills. By posting student work (without names) on the bulletin board, the board came to life with real-life experiences, making the adventure come full circle.

Assessment Tool!
You can use this journal-type reflection activity to assess the cognitive domain of your students, while having them help fabricate the bulletin board for the whole school to view!

(These activities/board idea could also be used in Elementary grades 3-5 as well as High School grades 9-12)

Owl Adventure! Image

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